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How do I cancel?

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How do I contact customer support?

Fill out the form here and a human will respond ASAP, but within 24 hours. We are UK based and don’t work well without sleep, so replies will generally be within hours, but from 00:00 GMT to 07:00 GMT may take a little longer. You can use this form for anything from general questions to specific problems. Try to be as specific as possble with nature of the problem and include a way of identifying you in the database – Email, name and username are best. You may also be able to answer some questions for yourself by reading down the FAQs, but don’t feel inhibited in contacting us anyway, your feedback and input is always appreciated. Oh and if you are aren’t a member at all and would like to ask a question before joining, feel free to do that as well.
Your questions and information are all treated in strictest confidence.

Can I share my password with my mates/the whole world?

Take a wild guess! No, of course you can’t! Membership is individual and non-transferable. This is a big site, apart from any other issue the sheer cost of allowing multiple users on the same account rules it out. If you like the site, recomend it by all means, but share your password and sophisticated tracking software WILL pick it up and suspend your username and password. Accessing the site from multiple machines of your own is fine and won’t trip the security.

Can I use Tor, proxies or VPNs?

No, in general not. If they work for you then fine but if they don’t then you need to cancel. None of them are required parts of the internet, they are choices you are making and they make our life harder. Tor, proxies and VPNs all make you appear to our systems exactly like a hacked account logging in from multiple IP’s all over the world. We simply have no way of telling if you are a legit surfer or about to burn $2000 of bandwidth in a morning. But that’s not all. If you are using one of these things then you are surfing from somewhere you shouldn’t be. Probably work. You need to stop because sooner or later you will get caught and you will get sacked, so we want no part of it. If you’ve never heard of these things then you aren’t using one. None are installed or default in an home computer and all require a level of geekery to install.

I haven’t shared my password with anyone but my password has been suspended or just won’t work, what do I do now?

Contact us! There are a few possible simple explantions. Your 60 day membership has just expired (Keep that transaction receipt email as reference, please!) Your credit card has been declined at rebill – most likely you have been issed a new card and the old one has been cancelled. I’ll be adding a page that will allow you to update you info here. You chose a really dumb username and password or used the same one you’ve used on every site you’ve ever joined since ’96 and the hackers have now guessed it. Things like leeds:united , ferrari:modena just make it easy. Hackers also have access to lists of previously used usernames and passwords which they hurl at sites in vast numbers till one works. – I have no idea how they get the lists in the first place, but they do! Your mate, who said he wouldn’t share it, posted it on a password site and now 300 people have tried to login on the same account. To be honest, password hacking/sharing is very rare, it’s just very annoying when it happens (all the freeloaders rush and slow the site right down, then I get emails from members complaining that the site is slow!) so don’t be afraid to email me if something goes wrong!

Where do you find your models?

Some of the models now come direct to me through recomendation from other models, some come from model agencies scattered around the UK. A few come from small ads placed in local papers, though getting them to accept these ads can be tricky. Fifteen pages of ads for phone sex lines is apparently acceptable, whilst my ad isn’t! In general running upto girls in the street and telling them they should be a model is a waste of time, there just isn’t enough money in the world to convince a girl who doesn’t want to do this kind of work to have a go – The best girls all have one thing in common – they want to do it, I just give them the opportunity.

I’d like to book one of the girls for a shot, can I have her email address or phone number?

No. But feel free to email Playboy, Hustler, ATK or any of the rest, I’m sure they’ll be only to glad to help with contact details for their models.

What camera do you use?

A Nikon D4. It’s a high end digital camera, I’m happy that it produces the nicest quality images of any digital camera available today. It looks like a “pro” type SLR with interchangeable lenses, etc. The first 3000 images were shot on neg film and scanned, but it nearly drove me insane so I moved over to digital ASAP. Apart from saving time at the post production stage digital allows me to shoot faster (no need to change rolls every 36 shots!) and under more extreme conditions than film. Shooting on digital has another nice side effect. As there is no grain on digital images they tend to compress as .JPG files quite a bit better than scanned film, often turning out a third smaller.

What lighting do you use?

Anything! In most cases I use 6 Elinchrom 600 joule heads and softboxes, very rarely I’ll wheel out a couple of 3000 joule packs as well. Some are even shot with daylight or roomlight at speeds upto 6400 ASA. Very occasionally I’ll use flash on camera but it tends to give harsh, odd shadows so I try not to! The shoots in Ibiza were mostly lit with daylight and a bit of fill-in flash (where the sun don’t shine, if you get my drift! LOL)

Some of the girls appear on other sites under different names, why is this?

Some girls ask me not to use their real names, others have names that just don’t do them justice or I’ve got 3 other girls with the same name and it would make the indexes untidy! And anyway, porn names are cool. Except for Tia, Paige, Crystal, etc, etc, etc

Why aren’t all the shoots equally as rude?

How rude it gets is totally up to the girls, if they’re having a good time I think it shows in the pics, push them too far and those smiles disappear. Before they come to they shoot they know the minimum is going to be spread shots at least. Most go much further than this with some scary looking toys. There’s even a few peeing sets but fisting is out cause it’s just not legal here.

How hard is it to set up a site like this one?

Ded easy. Just find 600 girls and get them all to pose nude. Thats the easy bit. The hard bit is finding a web designer to make the pages look pretty. No really.

What about video?

Video is getting a little easier – the formats are all getting a bit more standardised and most now work on all machines. We current options are.

  • Best possible quality is 720p HDV on .Mov (Quicktime) format. Frame size is 720×1280, the most you will need to download is the free Apple Quicktime player to view these.
  • Next is Windows WMV at 640×36 Good quality and if like 95% of surfers you are running Windows, you will have a player that can cope already installed.
  • We also offer .MPG format at lower resolution. Fast to download and playable on almost everything.

Do you ever buy pictures from other photographers

We are very interested in buying content from good photographers. Please contact simon via the contact form and be prepared to show us some samples.

How much do you pay the models?

It varies, but from £200-£400 per shoot. And, yes, we are always hiring, so if you are a model or agency anywhere in the world, please feel free to contact us. [email protected]

Does Simonscans have a mission statement?

Hmm, not in so many words, but here goes. Quality, original photography of great looking girls. Frequent quality updates. Respect for both surfers and models. Simple and intuitive site design. Efficient and polite customer service. When I started the site a couple of years ago it struck me how many sites there were but how few were any damn good. I don’t claim to be perfect, but quality is paramount.

Will you shoot requests?

Yes! Girls in glasses, Girls in tights, wearing watches or wearing angora have all been requested and will appear in future updates. Just email me what you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to get it shot.
Where’s the Boy/Girl sets?
So far there aren’t any, if I get enough requests I’ll shoot it but for now you’ll have to make do with single girl, toys and girl/girl!

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