Friday 28th of October 2016

Jorja and Richard

Being away shooting isn’t all fun. Not keeping up to date with the news is one of my main bitches, so I was very sad to hear about Richard Hammond having a bad day at the office today and crashing his rocket powered car at 280 miles per hour. Who ever would have suspected such a thing was possible, and certainly nothing could have been done to prevent it. If on the other hand you think driving too fast isn’t cool and exciting, switch of the PC and go back to reading The Guardian, there’s nothing for a boring twerp like you to see here. Porn and fast cars are a choice grown-ups get to make. This one is going out to Richard, even if Brainiac can be a bit sucky, and having your teeth whitened is so gay. Whatever, everyone at Simonscans wishes him a speedy recovery. (And he only has to ask if he’d like a password!)


Jorja by a wall, being a bit arty and boring.


Jorja not being boring sticking stuff up her butt. 


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